Meet the Birò community

Who are we

Oxom Mobility and Lifestyle was founded in May, 2018 by Andrea Drescher and Côme Drescher, a young automotive engineer.
The company’s aim is to provide solutions to improve mobility in Luxembourg and lifestyle items.
One tangible example is the first 100% electric Urban Commuter Capsule that is being distributed in Luxembourg since May.
Traffic in city centers is becoming a nightmare for citizens and a study is saying that people in Luxembourg are wasting on an average more that 30 hours per year in traffic jams.

Parking lots have become rare and expensive.
Birò is there to make your life easier everyday, thanks to unmatched advantages :
- fitting of the car on a scooter place
- two person side-by-side making driving fun again
- Removable battery solving problems of finding a place to recharge
- Jump in and go thanks to a keyless and bluetooth system
- Compact and comfort winter-proof ride for two